Lynchpin 4p (GTacc)

@GTacc @chesskid3

Setup created by callforjudgement

  • 1 Mafia Unlyncher
  • 3 Vanilla Townies

The Mafia Unlyncher can choose their Unlyncher target (from among the townies) pregame. Town wins if the Mafia, or their Unlyncher target, is lynched. Mafia wins if one of the other townies is lynched. The Unlyncher target is just a Vanilla Townie, i.e. they won’t know they were chosen as the target.

Majority lynch.
4 days to get a lynch else mafia wins.
Be active regardless of alignment, the game is short and only has 4 players.


Man I like that guys setups

So wait…

Mafia picks another player

Everyone lynches someone and it’s a 50/50 essentially if town or scum wins?


Yeah it derives into an series of “I’ll bet the game on this read” yolo plays usually

And then you flame whoever fucks up!


last slot is res’d for gtacc if he wants it

Lets go

Starting this ASAP