LotR Mafia

Everyone starts the game with a Basic ability or goal. Through successful use or completion of this goal, you upgrade to an Intermediate ability or goal, successfully use or complete that ability/goal and you upgrade to Advanced. Some abilities may instead choose to defer, which will give an unblockable version of the same level ability the following cycle (if you are able to defer it will be noted in your role card, and the decision to defer must be actively made–forgetting to submit an action will not count as a deferral). Successfully using an ability after deferring will still upgrade you to the next level.

Example 1

Successfully use Basic ability on n1. Upgrade to new Intermediate ability. Unsuccessful use on N2, successful use on N3. Upgrade to new Advanced ability.

Example 2

Defer basic ability N1. N2 successful use of unblockable Basic ability. Upgrade to new Intermediate ability. Successful use n3. Upgrade to new Advanced ability.

Abilities and upgrade paths were designed prior to alignments being determined. Characters and abilities are not tied to alignment. Characters were assigned to players prior to alignments being determined.

Phases are 48/24. Hammer at majority. Twilight discussion is allowed post hammer, until the host locks the thread. Plurality at deadline. Mafia determine ties. There are 8 town and 3 mafia. There are no alignment changes.

This is a friendly game: Friendly Game Tag

Rules on AtE: On excessive AtE

town wincon

You are town, and win when the mafia are dead.

alive tags

Role PMs have been sent out. D1 will start approximately 2021-05-28T23:30:00Z

D1 has begun! Hammer is at 6, post hammer discussion is allowed, eod is 2021-05-30T23:30:00Z


VOTE: Andresvmb

two questions.

Is anyone actually a LotR character?

this one is not actually a question


VOTE: Andresvmb


Does anyone else feel like this should be a pokemon themed game?

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I’m basically a lotr character

VOTE: andres

I’m guessing we evolve through a couple of our actors’ characters until we finally get to the lotr character at level 3.


VOTE: andres


I don’t think I’ve played with any of y’all, but I do enjoy being included!

Let’s dunk on Andres!!

VOTE: made

I just remembered this is a nook game and there is hammer

Is nanook a mod on another site I’m not aware of?

He’s not a mod (i don’t think???) but he’s quite active on my home site, the Syndicate

Wow guess i’m just that forgettable then

so he’s hosted a mafia game as the moderator on your home site?

VOTE: Andres Phishing for info. Scum of the earth.

That’s hammer.

I would like to say that I hate Nanook with every fibre of my being. With that said…I will be collating things that need my attention and wallposting.

Urist is town

Made is a great vote.

VOTE: Made

Andresvmb (4): ActionDan, StarV, Urist, Made, Srceenplay

Not Voting (6): Andresvmb, chesskid3, Duskfall98, laserlab, orangeandblack5, Squirrel2412