Lights Out: Dr. McNinja Army of One - Mafia Win

Welcome to Lights Out: Dr. McNinja Army of One

This is a setup for 8 players (6 town, 2 mafia, all vanilla) with two non-standard rules:

  1. The game uses the Lights Out mechanic, which means that any number of deaths can occur each Day, but the alignments of those players won’t be made known until the end of that Day.
  2. In lieu of the standard lynch mechanic, at the start of each Day, each player who doesn’t have a Ninja Scalpel gains one:

Ninja Scalpel (Day, Targeted, One Shot): Post “VOTE: Strike [Player Name]” (must be in bold). Each player who still has a Ninja Scalpel has 24 hours from the time of that post (or until the Day deadline, whichever is sooner) to use their Ninja Scalpel by posting “VOTE: Deflect [Targeted Player]” (must also be in bold). If no player does, the targeted player is killed. You may not target yourself with this ability (neither to kill nor to protect).


• Mafia still have the standard nightkill each Night.
• Each Day can be ended prematurely by all players who still have a Ninja Scalpel indicating “VOTE: No Kill” (must be in bold). Any pending Ninja Strikes at that time will resolve (as there will be no Ninja Scalpels left to prevent them).
• Posting “VOTE: No Kill” does not actually expend the Scalpel; it just indicates unwillingness to use it. A player may UNVOTE his/her “No Kill” at any time prior to the End of Day being announced.
• If Ellibereth Strikes Chesskid and DS wants to save Chesskid, DS types “VOTE: Deflect Chesskid” (not “VOTE: Deflect Ellibereth”).
• Multiple Strikes can be going at once (directed at the same player and/or multiple players).
• If Ellibereth Strikes Chesskid and DS Strikes Chesskid, two players must use their Ninja Deflect on Chesskid in order to save him. One within 24 hours of Ellibereth’s Strike, and another within 24 hours of DS’s Strike.
• You can type “VOTE: Deflect [Player Name]” when that player doesn’t have a pending Strike against him/her, but it won’t do anything. If that player is later Struck, you’ll have to type it again to save that player.
• You only get ONE Scalpel (Strike OR Deflect) each Day.
• At the start of each Day, if you used your Scalpel the previous Day (to Strike OR Deflect), you get a new one.
• However, if you didn’t use your Scalpel the previous Day, you don’t get a new one. They don’t accumulate.
• Strikes will be mod-announced when the Mod notices them, but the 24-hour period starts as soon as the Ninja Strike post is made.

Town wincon is “You win the game when all threats to the Town have been eliminated.”
Mafia wincon is “You win the game when you equal or outnumber the town.”

72/24 for phase lengths.

Scum can talk privately at all times.

This is my first hosted game on this site, so if you must mock my mistakes, mock gently. (I am an experienced host on MTGS, however.)

Feel free to ask any questions not addressed in the FAQ.


(Purely) for your flavor pleasure:

Dr. McNinja and Old McNinja, having been captured by Mongo, await their fate in a ninja-proof cell (well, it’s not really ninja-proof, nothing’s actually ninja-proof, but neither McNinja really feels like escaping at the moment). The door unlocks and swings open. Knickerbockers stands triumphantly in the doorway, Mongo’s hulking bulk filling the space behind him.

It’s time. Knickerbockers says.

The two McNinjas look at each other, each trying to make sure neither gives the same smart-alec response as the other, as then they’d have to race to say jinx and someone would end up owing someone a Coke.

What time? asks Dr. McNinja.

Miller time? posits Old McNinja.

Lunch time? queries Dr. McNinja.

Hammer time? says Old McNinja, reaching.

Mongo grabs both ninjas and carries them by the scruffs of their necks, like tiny adorable kittens, into an abandoned warehouse that’s also, completely unexpectedly, half a restaurant. As the two banter wittily, a shadowy figure appears on a balcony. It’s Frans Raynor! (dun dun duuuuuunn!) After lots of wordy word words for exposition (honestly, I don’t see why the comic even bothers; just get on with the red ink. -ed), Raynor nods at Knickerbockers, who opens a panel revealing over a hundred Dr. McNinja clones.

Go, my clones! screams Raynor. Wreak havoc on these two other yous, and avenge your clonic father! (Ok, he doesn’t really say this; I’m not nearly as good at Dr. McNinja dialogue as Christopher Hastings, but I strongly suspect that I’m not the main attraction here, so I’m trying to keep it short and sweet. -ed)

In a surprise twist (spoilers!), the ninja clones have no inclination to beat themselves up and instead turn on Raynor. But in a(nother) surprise twist (more spoilers!), Raynor reveals that, true to movie trope, now that he is one man facing an army, there’s no way he can lose. Dr. McNinja, realizing that nothing can beat a movie trope (even an army of ninjas) except for another trope, knows that the only way to beat Raynor now is to join him! (Third surprise twist! And third spoilers! Oh, was this supposed to come before the revelation?)

Thus resolved, Dr. McNinja and Frans Raynor begin to rain unholy destruction down upon the hapless clones…

It is the beginning of Day 1; please commence with the joyful (and civil) killing of each other.

tra la la la


anyway we should just treat this like easier matroshka

Zzzz nobody hipfires we get some TRs we win

or maybe harder popcorn :slight_smile:

Elli did u do the math yet if forcing an order of fires is correct or double shotting 4 ppl is correct and letting scum get max 1 NK

i mean the hard part is that we have to cooperate and there’s no dictator.
dictator’s are protown

If I wanted to do math that would not be the math I do

problem is max 3 “lynches” per day.

What math are you doing then?

Double shot mechanic means there isnt backing out possible

This is untrue



think about it a bit harder

no we don’t need to wait dan its matroshka

Take your advice and use it to look within

BTW, the 24 hour slow motion scalpel strike time is mostly due to MTGS having longer phases (24 hours was actually “fast”). Given the faster pace on this site, if you’d rather, I’d be fine with changing it to:

“If all other players indicate they WON’T save a target [after the target has posted at least once?], the strike resolves.”

Or somesuch.