Lights Out: Dr. McNinja Army of One, 8p

Welcome to Lights Out: Dr. McNinja Army of One

This is a setup for 8 players (6 town, 2 mafia, all vanilla) with two non-standard rules:

  1. The game uses the Lights Out mechanic, which means that any number of deaths can occur each Day, but the alignments of those players won’t be made known until the end of that Day.
  2. In lieu of the standard lynch mechanic, at the start of each Day, each player who doesn’t have a Ninja Scalpel gains one:

Ninja Scalpel (Day, Targeted, One Shot): Post “VOTE: Strike [Player Name]” (must be in bold). Each player who still has a Ninja Scalpel has 24 hours from the time of that post (or until the Day deadline, whichever is sooner) to use their Ninja Scalpel by posting “VOTE: Deflect [Targeted Player]” (must also be in bold). If no player does, the targeted player is killed. You may not target yourself with this ability (neither to kill nor to protect).


• Mafia still have the standard nightkill each Night.
• Each Day can be ended prematurely by all players who still have a Ninja Scalpel indicating “VOTE: No Kill” (must be in bold). Any pending Ninja Strikes at that time will resolve (as there will be no Ninja Scalpels left to prevent them).
• Posting “VOTE: No Kill” does not actually expend the Scalpel; it just indicates unwillingness to use it. A player may UNVOTE his/her “No Kill” at any time prior to the End of Day being announced.
• If Ellibereth Strikes Chesskid and DS wants to save Chesskid, DS types “VOTE: Deflect Chesskid” (not “VOTE: Deflect Ellibereth”).
• Multiple Strikes can be going at once (directed at the same player and/or multiple players).
• If Ellibereth Strikes Chesskid and DS Strikes Chesskid, two players must use their Ninja Deflect on Chesskid in order to save him. One within 24 hours of Ellibereth’s Strike, and another within 24 hours of DS’s Strike.
• You can type “VOTE: Deflect [Player Name]” when that player doesn’t have a pending Strike against him/her, but it won’t do anything. If that player is later Struck, you’ll have to type it again to save that player.
• You only get ONE Scalpel (Strike OR Deflect) each Day.
• At the start of each Day, if you used your Scalpel the previous Day (to Strike OR Deflect), you get a new one.
• However, if you didn’t use your Scalpel the previous Day, you don’t get a new one. They don’t accumulate.
• Strikes will be mod-announced when the Mod notices them, but the 24-hour period starts as soon as the Ninja Strike post is made.

Town wincon is “You win the game when all threats to the Town have been eliminated.”
Mafia wincon is “You win the game when you equal or outnumber the town.”

Let’s go with 72/24 for phase lengths.

There will likely be flavor with mild spoilers of the Army of One chapter of the webcomic.

This is my first hosted game on this site, so if you must mock my mistakes, mock gently. (I am an experienced host on MTGS, however.)

Feel free to ask any questions not addressed in the FAQ.

oh i like this

would using

VOTE: Strike: Chesskid


VOTE: Deflect: Chesskid make sense?

That way we can just use list view in the vote count to keep track

That sounds like a great idea.

2nd one way better

Do scum have a NK

If so this game ends day 1 lol

Feels like matroshka rank em and make them kill

1 locktown read wins if we can collaborate?

Per the FAQ, yes.

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Or maybe it’s better to just double tap 4 ppl day 1. Then if not both scum there just win lylo easy

Time to make elli do the EVs

yes, we just try to win d1.

@GTacc come fill us up

I like when @gtacc fills me up

Is this ranked?


Didnt read but /in

you should read it

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Read it