Liars and Millers, 9p

Concept created by Psyche, with slight modifications.

1 Town Cop
3 Vanilla Townies
3 Town Millers
1 Mafia Godfather
1 Mafia Goon

Mafia assign who gets what role N0, including their own.
Majority ends day, Most votes dies at deadline, Mafia breaks ties.



I think it’s a good setup.

Soooo it’s just a massclaim where u get 5 VT claims and 4 Miller claims?

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it makes more interesting imo than just 7p with ic imo.

and scum get to plan how the poe pools break down to some degree

Ok I clicked the button

More willing to host than play tbh

yeah sure we can role flip if enough ppl join

goon claims miller GF claims VT cop dies N1 anyway

it really is 2-7 with an ic

its equivalent to 2-7 ic ev wise but the claims + scum choice add an extra element in terms of jumpstarting play.

psyche didn’t have mafia assigning the roles but I think its in the spirit of what he’s trying to do

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why? cop is 1/4 for scum to kil them

oh wait that’s a consequence of scum assigning roles

maybe they should just be randed

even with rand roles it seems… super boring for the cop i dunno

feels like there just should be something else to spice it up

yeah maybe, I just want to find a good open for every player count greater or equal to 7 so messing around.

Party cop isnt a bad 9p

its only bad when someones