Length of game days

Hi All.

I don’t know how set up a pol but would like to know people preference for length of days.
(I edited in a poll - Elli)

  • 24/12
  • 48/24
  • 72/24
  • 96/24
  • Other

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I love 24/12 and the longest I have played is the Tarot 96/24 is my least favourite.
So what day and night lenghts do people here prefer?

or unlimited?

If I was poling I would also like to know how many Power Roles people like?

just one cope too one godfather.
or a combination.

So in a game of 12 , you expect 9 town to 3 scum.
so power roles?

I took the liberty of editing a poll into your OP. Hope you don’t mind!

To do it on your own you click on the gear symbol on the far right of your post editor command panel, and select the poll option.

As for the question itself - I’m preferential to 72/24 and longer, mainly because I don’t have that much time everyday if shorter. In the end it’s really a function of how active everyone else is though - hundreds of posts a day are going to be hard no matter what!!

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I’ve grown really fond of longer deadlines. 10 days to 2 weeks with a player list greater than 9, and as the player list drops in size, a week is usually enough.

It’s a mindset change, though. Sitting in the thread much of the day, jumping on every little thing versus a slower pace and plenty of time to catch up, reread, think, etc.

I used to play two week gamedays with the 24 hour game day mindset. I think I drove other players crazy.

Thank you very much Ellie, don’t mind at all.
I was hoping someone would set it up for me, or explain how to do it and you did both! Cheers!

I find your mindset very hard to understand fferryllt, not wrong at all, in anyway, just, I don’t get it.

If it goes on for too long, isn’t it like a story without a resolution?
Don’t you want answers?
I mean there must be things that happen at the start of a game that would be very interesting to resolve but, weeks? months? later? who would care or even remember what they were.

If there’s a burning reason to lynch early, it happens. That’s the beauty of majority lynch. Players can control an earlier day end if they wish.

You can have more data upon which to make your decision. You have time to rethink, and the players under lynch threat have time to convince everyone else they’re mistaken. You’re able to put multiple people under pressure in a single game day and see how they react.

And, if the pace is too slow, you can go sign up for another game and play 2 or 3 games at once!

I was once alive in 12 games at the same time, and that was utterly insane.

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Yeah I see, but think I prefer quick gratification, but will consider signing up for longer games.

I have a short game-play and long game remembrance attention span.

I’m not a big fan of the long deadlines that a certain mafia site is so fond of. I think anywhere from 3 to 10 days is sufficient for day play, and am personally partial to 6/1 so that you have exactly one day/night cycle a week.
I do agree with the op in that it’s only acceptable to have less than a 24 hour night if the day is 24 hours or less.

You need to get used to the unusually long deadlines on ms.net. Then once you’re used to it it’s hard to change back.

Personally I think 4-5 day game days are cool

my favorite is actually 12/12 so that i dont wake up to seeing a billion new pages overnight

althogh that doesnt really happen here