Legacy Mafia Idea

This is more of an Idea for a series of Mafia games, rather than any one game.

At the beginning, it’s a small number of players (as in, 3). 2 vanilla town and 1 Vanilla Mafia.
The current host along with the winning team then decide how the next game’s setup should be minorly improved. For example, if the town won, they could add a Vanilla town into the setup. Then, the game runs again. The new game can be played with the same players along with new players.

The legacy games will run forever, or until players no longer want to play it.

The formula for the game, generalized:

  1. A setup is played
  2. One team wins
  3. That team proposes an amendment to the game in some way.
  4. The host either accepts it, or rejects it.
    4.1 If it was rejected, repeat steps 3 and 4 again
  5. That setup is the new setup to the next game
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Interesting Idea.

Any suggestions to this?

You could start this thing.

I don’t think I’m a qualified game host.

I could co-host it though

You never hosted a game before?
Is that it?

I co-hosted a game on FoL (linked in bio).

FoL 24.

But nothing on this site.

As long as you follow the hosting format, you are eligible to host a game.

I would still like to co-host this the first time, mainly because I don’t know how things are done around here.


Also this is what the format looks like

I meant more like the rest of the game, not just the signups.

Sounds good

Also, do you use like a spreadsheet to keep track of people’s actions?

@Seththeking If I host this, will you co-host it with me?

@Seththeking I requested to join the hosting group, I’ll try to run it if or when I join.