Kebap Mafia (15p)

Welcome to GTacc’s Kebap Restaurant where players are foods on the menu. But there is an upcoming threat against them: Italian Mafia Food. Will the Kebaps beat the menace and eliminate the mafia, or will mafia take control and make it an Italian restaurant?

72/24 hour day night cycle
Majority + plurality (people with most votes at EoD gets lynched) lynch
Ties are broken by mafia

Reviewed by Nanook

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9.5 months later

It was a long pregnancy but I think you’ll all be happy with the kebap mafia game child it resulted in. Now I’m going to fulfill my fatherly duties to this game and ignore it until it’s over then take credit if it’s great or if it’s not ask it for money that totally isn’t for pot and/or a classy escort.


I would love to play this trashy mafia game

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but I prefer dunerkebap

Isn’t it spelled “kebab”


I’ll play


Welcome to Mafia 451! If you’d like to join, you should like the blue “/in” button at the top.

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I’m just trying to be helpful ;-;


im so confuzzled

You did good

I don’t get Archer references either

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Read it out loud and sorta fast

LOL I saw they were already inned so I said nothing

are they? I don’t see them in the list atm

Oh shit you are right

Im counting them in