Just For Laughs Mafia signups

Hey guys,

Just for Laughs festival is on and I’m going to try to make a mostly normal set up to that theme. Join up, have a laugh!

I’m going to be experimenting with the no scum chat again, as I think the lack of associative reads might help turn the tide in scum’s favor. There will be multiple killing scum, though, just as in Michael Scott mafia, they will operate differently from each other.

I will start with 8+


This sounds so broken I’m /in.

:man_shrugging: Town won Michael Scott Mafia, but scum didn’t know they were working together.

The word “mostly” in “mostly normal” may be loosely used… Like, based on a true story.

just for laughs don’t actually use words in their pranks so that’s thematic

It’s just a prank bro


Can scum kill each other

Just for laughs is a standup festival. You’re thinking of just for laughs gags

Since you’re Canadian should this be “Just for Yucks”

I don’t understand

Fake Canadian

what’s the last non one day game that group scum have won on site :thinking:
what’'s the last two

I actually don’t know lol I think pokemon is one of them



@Ellibereth @jockmcplop

no fancy new game tags :frowning:

I was lazy.

@StarV this has 8+