Josh's Setup (tm)

Hi gauging interest

I want to design a game with the flavor being me. Flavor will not be important, so you can ignore it if you aren’t interested in it.

I may do semi-open or closed - lemme know what you prefer - deadlines probably 72/12-24, with hammer enabled.

I guarantee approximate balance. This will be role madness - everybody will have a PR, though some will be weaker than others. That said, it won’t be super swingy, and is not a meme setup.

I’m hoping for 13, will design larger if we get it. If the interest isn’t there I’ll be running this on another site probably.

May be slightly bastard depending on your definition, but nothing crazy. No unanticipated moderator lies / alignment changes.


I claim mathdino


closed please

In for the leisure

I’d rather design closed too. Opens are annoying, cause you gotta make it not breakable by mass claim.

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you want to be neg utility?


I never rand neg utility :frowning:

wow much technology

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I clicked a button gg my soul

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i’m advertising this. i will not be adding a player cap. unlikely, but if this hits >17, there will be more KP of some kind to speed up the game a bit. maybe i’ll steal from mu and add ita’s day 1… but i don’t like randomness like that so idk. i’ll think of something.

actually maybe i’ll start it around 17 larger games kinda suck

hm we can decide if we get to that point

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wow! Duckling! We havent seen you in 8mon

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DS just knew that

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Wow! Danathon! This is the first time Danathon has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

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what’s 8mon? :slight_smile: Also who are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome Danathon! o/

hey Dann

click the /in button at the top of the post please :slight_smile: makes counting easier

@chesskid3 you too…

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I didnt in I’m on protest rn