Josh Mafia 2: Custom Edition

Gauging interest.

So this game will be super bastard and only partly randed.

Basically, you will sign up. I will design you a custom role. However, alignments will be randed; this means role will not have any bearing on alignment, and setup could be swingy.

The custom role I design for you will be what I believe the worst possible role for you to get would be. Take that as you will. I will not give examples. For example, Tier would be given VT (/goon) if he signed up.

Deadlines will be 48h I believe, as I leave the country in a couple weeks and would like it to be mostly over by then. Maybe a 72h day 1.

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fuck, im getting post restrictions

I’m probably getting blank dayvig

im gonna be a compulsive (some town player) sheep

I hope Josh Mafia 3 is where he designs the best possible role for us

What was Josh mafia 1 again

oh to be clear it wont be like insanely bastard;

namely, no fake flips and probably no mod lies

thats about all i want to give away though

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i think it was that game scum curb stomped town through sheer skill

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So if my role PM says I have a gun it will fire? But everyone might have a BP vest?


idk they organized a power deadline wagon really well and that basically won them the game

Oh was I not in this


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I go away for 2 months in the summer for work w limited access so unfortunately Josh Mafia 3 won’t be for a while

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Where to

no problem, just give me the same role as i had in josh mafia 1, being scum and automatically dying if i wasn’t on a cfd lynch at 4am :ohyes:


oh did elli not tell you? new jersey. we actually had this convo yesterday

elli: so we’re meeting this summer at some point yes?
josh: yea. are chess / dan / andres going to come?
elli: i doubt it, but we’ll see
josh: you asked them right?
elli: yea

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