Jake's uPick Mafia

General Information:

Player Amount: 5+
Day Length: 3 Days
Night Length: 1 Day
Lynch Type: Plurality only


When joining, PM me anything. Literally anything. I’ll create a role tailored to your thing.
The faction will be randed before role creation. And yes, it will be random.
Neutrals are possible, but not guarenteed.
At the beginning, your role is guarenteed to be true, unless stated otherwise. You will flip as whatever you appear to be.
This game might be bastard



Additional rules:

I will not tell you what is or is not angleshooting, even if you ask. You will still be modkilled for trying to angleshoot, however.
If you need to be modkilled for major rulebreaking reasons, you will be turned into a Neutral Unrevivable Survivor, and therefore cannot win.

Hey jake couple of things:

We’re standardizing towards always allowing hammers of some sort, the difference plurality and majority is what happen when deadline hits and there’s no majority.

We may have different standards for what is and isn’t allowed than what you’re used to so I’d advise against this.

This is my one bastard game this year.

Part 1 was because bastard. (It also dissuades people from attempting to angleshoot at all)
Part 2 is because of people who intentionally got themselves modkilled to (somehow) better their team.

Wtf is this? MU?

@Players please come join.

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