IPicked you as the scumteam

Welcome guys you are my handpicked scumteam! Don’t let me down

Kiymali - Best overall survey response! You get to be a JOAT!
1x strongman kill
1x ninja
1x tracker
1x watcher

Use as many as you want each night, but they’re all one use each!

Doggo - Worst overall survey response! VT (well, goon)

M2H, you get to join with Erika and attempt to summon the spirit of Dan! That will be a separate hood coming shortly! Otherwise you are a goon too.

All of you except Doggo start with $100

you misspelled best survey response

okay @DoggoPlays

its time to talk about animoo

gtfo we don’t do that shit here, this is for serious talk only

okay different question

how are we going to use the discussion of animoo to destroy the pitiful townies and take their dollarinos

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good question but i haven’t read the thread or rules yet


keep it realistic

i have no idea wut this means

im joking on you, suggesting that you normally wouldn’t read the OP

figured i’d check this scum pm first and then phone call that is still happening

if u have a gameplan or something you want me to do lemme know now

how bad do u want this win bestie

since once i actually start playing i will be very stubborn, so best to mold me while i’m still willing

always wanna win

no i mean like HOW MUCH do you want this win?

more than i love you

fuck i dont know if thats a lot or not a lot

it’s a lot bestie

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ok in that case lets make a discord