Interest in a 13 player Turbo game on Saturday, May 5 (US)/Sunday May 6 (AUS)?

I’m going to schedule this for May 5. I’m thinking 8 PM New York time, but could also do it during the afternoon if that’s preferable. Days will be 30 minutes long and Nights will be 10 minutes. 13 players.

I’m thinking about running a turbo game sometime in May.

If you’re interested, let me know your time zone and whether you would prefer weekends or evenings (or weekend evenings, w/e).

Let me know what your preferred game day length would be. I’m thinking 30 to 45 minute days and 10-15 minute nights.

u need to plan that far in advance for a single night game?

i’d play, es/dt

I don’t need to plan that far for a single game, but I’d like to get info about when it would be best to schedule turbo games in the future.

im interested in turbos