Instead of shitting on game mods, lets appreciate them.

I’m ashamed of how you guys,and definitely not I, talked about DS in the post game anonymous discussion. It really shows a lack of respect for him as a game mod, telling him he sucks on repeat. Please use this thread as a place to thank him for all his hard work he put into the game

Thank you DS for your hard work


Also thanks Key for hosting popcorn mafia

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Thank you DS for hosting

Thank you DS for being awesome

no, go back to negging me thats my kink

Fine, I guess DS sucks

DS you’re hot wet garbage but at least you tried


Thank you @Josh

Thank you @Tier for hosting this thread.

Thank you @naz for coming to my Ted Talk.

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This thread was meant to actually shit on DS not appreciate him, please don’t turn this into something its not. thanks. you’re all awesome.

Thank you

Thank you brother DS

Thank you @DS

fight me irl ds

Can weebs fight?

This isn’t about me this is about JOSH

not really