I'm back! What's on your wish list?

Hey everyone,

Some of you probably noticed I’ve been away for the last couple months - I have returned! :smiley:

Welcome to anyone new who I haven’t talked to yet - don’t feel shy about reaching out about anything through pm here, on our Discord server, or privately through discord at Ellibereth #1113.

Automation code/projects (bot-run games and vote counts among other things) have been progressing on schedule for the expected early to mid-2019 completion dates. There have been some “hidden” quality of life changes to the site (some of which are kinda bugged that I’m working on) that I’ll highlight in a separate post along with some design updates (especially relating to the top banner) that’ll be up shortly.

We’ll be starting our user acquisition campaigns in the coming months - until then, what are the top 3 non-automation related features that would be on your wish lists? These can include policy, culture, fixing the logo (tt), anything really.

  1. Deterrants to getting replaced. Either a karma system or something else I’m not imaginative enough to dream up. Replacements are IMO one of the hardest things to deal with in a mafia game.
  2. ISO improvements. There are a lot of quality of life improvements that I could think of, such as the ability to go straight from one ISO to another, going straight to the post you were looking at when you remove the ISO, ISO on mobile, multi-ISO, probably others.
  3. Private topics are a ‘nice to have’.
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We tried to set up a replacement penalty up shortly before I took my break. There should be a topic in MD about it. If it didn’t happen we’ll formalize it ASAP.

ISO stuff is being worked on.

What do you see as the difference between Private Messages and Private Topic?

Good question. I guess there are a couple things you can do with topics that you can’t do with PMs. For instance, you can’t lock PMs. You also can’t make them BCC, i.e. make it so that participants can’t see who is invited to the PM thread.

Anyone with hosting rights should be able to lock PM’s. I added you to the group - lemme know if you don’t see the option.

What are use cases for not wanting to be able to see who has access to a private topic? The only one I can think of atm is for people to “spy” on private topics in games but I think that’s a very non-standard mechanic.

I was able to do it!

I’ll admit the BCC feature is an edge case. If we can lock PMs I would personally say that private topics are a bit of a waste of time.


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If most of my suggestions are invalid then I’m gonna change one to the feature I suggested with auto-linking posts using #. That would be awesome to have, especially on mobile. Every time I write a big post I find myself wishing this function existed.

Also agree.
I play mostly mobile.

Elli play a game entirely on mobile once.

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dude, don’t tell him to do that. if he goes insane there will be nobody to make the improvements.

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I have no idea what is finding all cupcakes

  • Bookmarks showing how many posts you have unread
  • Reorder bookmarks with drag and drop

also, probably hardest of all

  • being able to make alts with a click of a button
  • being able to send hydra requests

your hydras and alts will be on their own page and you can seamlessly switch between any account
you may choose whether or not you want your hydras and alts to be publicly shown on your account and they will be private by default


btw rules should be in the top bar