If I run a game will people play?

I know I troll but I like running fucky games. I I ran one would people play.

0% balance. Usually try to exploit weird mechanics etc. 50/50 on it being a bastard mod. Cant tell you if its bastard mod though cause that ruins the fun.

Gauging interest before I put much more effort into the idea I have


whats a ducky game

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how many people do you need?


I’d like 10+ tbh. Gives alot of options at thag point

DS once described my game as the best game ever.

It was great until he deleted it mid game

was that the bastard element

Lmao. That’s a thing too tbh

Hmm don’t remember

I’d look back but…

The bastard element is I gave people investigations that were insane etc at the start of the game then just gave them whichever result would cause the most chaos.

I bastardized the bastard roles

Ok then why the delete

I bastardized it so hard people bitched a shit ton. I mean a fucking shit ton. So I deleted to cause a bigger controversy and distract from my bastard shit

Bastard games suck

I wont bastard it. But some roles will be annoying possibly

Looooooool /in

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No i hate fucky games

And me so it’s a 2fr