I Picked you to be in the dead thread

sup guys

Wow i feel so special

Why did I get steamrolled? That was not smart.

Yeah, we were locked in to lynching you but idk why they did it so quickly

Sorry for being obnoxious Andres, I thought you were lock scum due to your behaviour toward Doggo.

I would not have bothered encouraging any of your plans if I was Scum man. I would have either retreated or bashed it like M2H. And I was right that one of them was Scum I was just on the wrong side. But it definitely helped sort the game that lynch.

I thought that Doggo was scum and that you were super gung-ho about the plan because your scum buddy (the guy you bet on, who i doubt knows 2 things about chess) was gonna win. I was apprehensive about the plan even when I suggested it, bc I knew that it would be super easy for scum to win and control the shot.

I think bashing his plan as town was the right move

which is why I bashed it but

Nah I just knew that Erika wouldn’t answer because they don’t care about that sort of thing (I placed them last), and I got lucky by guessing that Doggo would do well. I didn’t have much faith in GTacc/StarV.

And you will remember that I didn’t propose that the top rank shoot the bottom rank - I wanted a democratic Vig and a democratic shot.

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andres was robbed.

I mean he’ll still leave with a W tho

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Hi guys I have no regerts

who mafia

Kiymali_Pide and m2h

No shit

Idk why you kept eating them LOL

Or why GKB lies continuously

this game is who can int harder and town is winning

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Eat what?