I Dub Thee FM Sign Ups

“I Dub Thee!
15 Players

Town has a King and Queen.

King - Dubs 1 Player each night

Queen - Dubs 1 Player each day

Anyone Dubbed becomes a Knight and gets an ability.

Each role has Flavour.

All roles other then King/Queen have no ability until they become dubbed and each one has a different Knight ability that can only be obtained when being dubbed.

When someone is Dubbed it qis revealed Publicly as to who the Queen or King Dubbed.

It will say -) (Player) has been dubbed by the (King/Queen)

Any player silently dubbed will still be shown as Dubbed by King/Queen.

Can Mafia both use their knight ability and Factional Killing at the same time? Yes

Could there be someone to block Dubs? - Yes

Could there be a separate role that self dubs? - Yes but it would be silent

Could there be a separate role that dubs other then self? - Yes but it would be silent

1 King
1 Queen
9 Other Town
4 Mafia

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Come one come all!
Don’t be afraid!

You had me till those last couple of questions. I do not understand.

What are you confused about?

Seth, I think Erika is confused about these.
Are all other roles Vanilla or not?
If someone can dub him/herself, then those are not Vanilla anymore, so… Knight King and Knight Queen?

The act of turning someone into a knight is called “Knighting”. “Dubbing” is just giving another name to something.

I dub Urist “WeLl AckTUalLy”, first of his name.


something like this

It’d be a Trigger Ability

Silent Dubbing Self is Triggered, Silent Dubbing another could be both targetable and triggerable.
But everyone is Vanilla other then King and Queen. Just maybe 1 or 2 could have a silent dubbing trigger.

Sounds interesting. Count me in.

does the player know they have a passive, or are they told they are vanilla?

If they have a triggered to be dubbed then yes.
When they are dubbed they receive their Knight ability.

Everyone is Vanilla

Some may just have a trigger to be self dubbed.

ok i think i get where the disconnect is and get it now

You going to join then? Or no?

not sure tbh

This seems good. Naisu idea. wouldve been better to do this kinda thing on discord ree

discord mafia is slept on