Doesn’t mean they did

Urist, suppose that you did find a pattern. Do you think that will be more efficient at finding one scum player (the hat) over others?

i claim slytherin

M2H, here’s a question to consider: Why do you want to make it harder to townread you? Shouldn’t you instead work on improving your scumplay?

those things seem intrinsically linked.

Why do you want the game to be artificially more difficult for, not just you, but everyone around you? Tanking your townplay isn’t just hurting you, it’s displaying to all of us that you don’t give a shit about us.

Tanking my townplay is a measured decision based off an observation that my overly involved and obvious townplay forces me to powerscum when I am not emotionally resilient enough to play scum that way. If your takeaway from me playing in a less helpful manner is that I don’t give a shit about you, then that isn’t my fault.

Idk the rules of this game but im ravenclaw

You are being outright disrespectful to us, basically admitting that it’s our fault that we can townread you correctly, and that the remedy to this problem is to flip us the bird as you burn down your town meta.

No he is correct tbh

Frankly I’ve been doing a shitty job of tanking my meta because nobody legitimately ever scum reads me even when I’m not being that helpful. If that isn’t an indication to you that perhaps you are overreacting, it should be.

So m2h is town?

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M2H is a policy execute imo, if they are going to intentionally be unhelpful.

Sidenote: Now I can’t even say the correct phrase, thanks arbritrary arbiters of words!

Cidernote: We must rebrand Lylo and Mylo to [something]lo and [something]lo

I don’t know why you’re so attached to my town meta as if it’s some kind of precious national resource. My town game no offense is much, much more work and more involved than your town game, so putting the expectation on me to put in a lot more effort than you do even when doing so seems to be against my own interests and when you certainly aren’t putting in the same effort seems a little bad yeah?

This is basically a reaction to being forced to top post as both alignments and getting for the most part disregarded as town and auto-voted as scum.

so it is correct in this setup to instantly popcorn claim at the start of each day with no talking, with the sorting hat fakeclaiming.

Thank you all for shutting up and following



I don’t think it’s optimal for everyone to just blurt out a house and then randomly vote, but I could be wrong. There’s no way in hell that I’m wrong, but I could be.