HQ Trivia uPick Discussion and Signups

I’m looking to run an HQ Trivia UPick for 5-13 players.

If there’s enough interest, the players would submit up to 3 of their favorite questions from HQ Trivia, upon which their roles would be based. Note that this game, while it won’t be explicitly bastard, will only be ‘lolbalanced’ at best, and will be Vanillaless.

There will also likely be a live trivia event each gameday or something of that nature.

I’m probably also not interested in running this for several weeks, but I wanted to make the thread now.

Interest currently:

I’d play

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As long as the trivia questions don’t become EVERYONE GOOGLE FEST 2018

Yeah they’ll be delivered via a live medium. Possibly in thread but likely discord and have anti google time limits. Kind of Exactly like HQ Trivia