How to prevent people from reading you

Dont even read your own role PM.


Lol :joy:

That’s technically angleshooting tbh

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Don’t post

Don’t play mafia.

Idk what that is

abusing loopholes to break the game

I do that all the time. But mostly just to help me read other people based on their assumptions.

Is this just not straight against the rules most places?
Going to start making confirm messages the name of the role. :thinking:

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I get lynchhed d1 always on other forums people cant read me for sure

Copy paste whole PM without reading

Since our mafia chats come with another pm we cant do that

Can a veteran mafia expert explain how this would be against the rules?

The mafia are supposed to be an informed minority.

view previous version of this post if you want to see someone that stopped thinking halfway

The real problem is that it’s making a weak meta argument that mafia isn’t about problem solving and that it’s instead about rhetoric. If everyone played this way it’s about the same as having a group of survivors and mafia would really cease to be a game at that point.

That’s a lot of lingo for this poor noob, but I think I got it. Thanks!

It was a really bad explanation tbh. Towns would by definition be doing it too so you really have to take it to the most extreme conclusion.

Regardless I would say that playing scum isn’t hard and giving away an advantage is … bad? Maybe controversial to say in 2019, idk, world is broken.

If you do not read your role message then you are operating from a position that you are town with zero information about the game which effects how you play the game and how others perceive you playing the game.

If you are actually a wolf and good as a towns person of finding wolves to try and slay then you are operating against your win condition.

You want to be read. You just want to be read incorrectly when you are a Non Good alignment.

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Debate over, lock the thread, this guy made the ultimate point

Just to clarify – what I actually do (only on occasion, really) is not read my role until midway through the first day. I would never play an entire game without knowing my alignment; that would be ridiculous.

Also, some people seem to think that not reading your role therefore means you have to assume you’re town. Far from it! I make no such assumptions and simply interact with other players to note how they’re interacting with me. When someone makes a hard assumption about your alignment when you yourself don’t even know it, that tells you quite a bit about that particular person and that is the value of this tactic.

Yeah I understand the rationale. I think most sites have it explicitly against the rules (we don’t as of time of writing). Easy workaround for hosts who want to guarantee that players read their roles is to include naming role or alignment in pm confirmations.

Also hard to not know you’re scum with the pt notifications etc.

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