Hosting Guide

Last Updated: June 12, 2020


This guide assumes the following:

  1. You want to host a game, i.e. you want to distribute roles and facilitate the actions within a game.
  2. You have a setup you want to host.
  3. The game you host will be public, we’ll have a different flow for private games TBA.

Getting Hosting Rights

Ask to join the Host Group.

Getting Players

If you already have sufficient players:
Message @Ellibereth giving him a heads up that you’re running a game without sign ups and you’ll probably be good to go.

If you don’t have sufficient players:

  1. Create a sign up topic in the Mafia Signups category.
  2. Tag this topic appropriately, in particular it should have exactly one of #friendly and #no-holds-barred.
  3. Describe your game in the topic, try your best to describe as much as you can so players know what they’re signing up for
  4. If you already have some players that agreed to play your game make sure you tell them to /in in your sign up topic by pressing the blue /in button.

Note: Not all games fill. You may need to advertise on your own or modify your game concept to attract more interest. If a game goes sufficiently long without filling we may move it out of the signups category.

Setting Up

  1. Check who’s in for your game, you can use this query (only available to Hosts) to help.

  2. If necessary, make sure everyone who is /in can actually play.

  3. Send out Role PM’s. This requires private messaging everyone their role. If players will know each other’s roles anyway (e.g. masons, mafia teammates) you can send a group message to all relevant players. Have players privately confirm their role to you.

Note: We’re aware sending role pm’s can be tedious and we’re working on making it better.

Creating your Game Topic

Create a game topic in the Ongoing Games Category.
The following all pertain to the OP (first post) of your game topic

  1. Copy over/write out any relevant set up/game information. It’s often beneficial to supply a sample town role pm. It’s ideal for the topic to be closed at this stage - you can open and close topics by using the corresponding commands in the wrench button.

  2. Between [alive] tags, @ all players in your game in a list form with each player on their own line. Please make sure these names are spelled and cased correctly - it’s easiest to do this by using the @ drop down’s auto-completion.

Correct Example:


Incorrect Example:

@Keychain aka Key 

The second example is incorrect because it has no closing [alive] tag, has an aka for Keychain, and does not use Ellibereth’s complete name.

Running Your Game

  1. Once everyone has confirmed, unlock the topic, ping everyone, and start the game. You can create a deadline timer that automatically locks the topic by using the “Create Topic Timer” command in the wrench button.

  2. It is possible to set a manual votecount in the following way:

Ellibereth (1): Keychain
Keychain (1): Ellibereth

Not Voting (2): fferyllt, chesskid3

This is useful to correct potential typo’d votes or to speed up the runtime for our automatic vote counts if they’re taking too long. If you use them it is important make sure everything in manual vote-counts is syntactically correct.

Note: We don’t expect many typos going forward once click voting is implemented so this will mainly be for very custom behavior or performance reasons.

  1. After players have died (daykill, vote out + nightkills) and you’re ready to start a new day/game phase, list the remaining living players between alive tags as you ping them, so if a game started with A B C D E and A was voted out D1 and B was killed N1 you would type the following at the start of D2:

Post Game

  1. TBA