Hosting Games on Mafia451

To Host:

  1. Get hosting rights.

  2. Start a topic in the active signups category.

  3. In your topic, make clear what players should expect from your game in terms of deadlines, roles, craziness, balance, any restrictions/pregame play agreements etc. etc.
    Any games are allowed on site - just please make it clear to everyone what they’d be signing up for.

  4. When you’re ready to start your game make a game topic in ongoing games. Send everyone their role and make sure that they confirm.

  5. When the game starts you can click on the wrench at a bottom of a topic to set a topic timer that automatically closes the game at a designated deadline. You can insert a date that’s automatically in a user’s time zone by clicking on the calendar symbol in the post composer.

  6. Make liberal use of @Username to get players’ attention for important events. When you need to reset the vote-count (e.g. new day) put [reset][/reset] in your post. Who’s voting who at a time of a post is displayed by clicking on the gavel symbol in the post toolbar.

Some Recommendations:

These are recommendations, not policies.

  • Host games with smaller (13 or less) player-lists. Most communities have trouble getting through larger games without replacements and we hate replacements. If you have a larger game with a bunch of friends that you’re sure won’t replace out that’s fine, go ahead and run it - but in our experience that’s the exception and not the rule.

  • Our forum tech at the time of writing works best with games that end up having less than 10,000 posts total. We’re working on things to increase that number.

To get Hosting Rights:

Request to join the Hosts group:

Hosts must either:

  • Have played 1 game to completion on site.
  • Have a referral from a member of the site who has hosted a game. (If you don’t know anyone here and feel these requirements should be waived you can contact a @staff member with this info).

Hosts get many abilities, including the abilities to edit anyone’s posts on site, close topics, unlist topics, pin topics, etc.

Please DO NOT abuse these abilities by using them outside of your game topics. All actions are logged and if we find that you’re abusing your powers, we will at least remove your hosting rights.