Custom Game Creation and Signup Guide

For Players:

  • Join a game by posting /in in a game’s signup topic.
  • If you want to play a particular game or type of game - you can start your own topic looking for other players. If there’s sufficient interest we will make sure the game is hosted.
  • If desired we’ll notify you off-forum when the game starts (Make sure your preferred contact is filled out here).

For Game Designers:

  • We welcome any type of game - but please make sure your OP about the game contains sufficient details about it so player’s can reasonably know what to expect. When you create a topic in this category it comes pre-filled with some game attributes that we strongly reccomend you inform players about.
  • If you design a game and want it run - you do not have to be the Host. If enough people want to play it we will make sure it’s hosted.

For Hosts:

I shall /In to a Guide because /Ining to how to play a game seems like the right course of action.