Guns and Roses 2, 11p, Friendly

Created by FakeGod

  • 9 Town players vs 2 Mafia players
  • N0 All players must secretly pick either a gun or a rose.
  • All players must also secretly pick a night.
  • One player is lynched during the day as per usual, and one player is killed by the mafia during the night as per usual.
  • A player who picked a gun is a 1-shot vigilante during his/her chosen night.
  • A player who picked a rose is immune to night kills during his/her chosen night.
  • Upon death, it will be revealed whether the dead player picked a rose or a gun.
  • Number of remaining Town-aligned rose players will be announced at the beginning of each day.
  • If there are no remaining Town-aligned player who picked a rose, Mafia immediately wins the game, regardless of whether there are any living Mafia members in the game.

Mafia have daytalk for the whole game including N0.
Majority instantly ends day, Mafia chooses who wins ties at deadline.
96 or 72 hour days, 24 hour nights


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Cotton candy!



I was trying to be friendly and list friendly things.

It evolved into just things that are nice though

which I dont think is unfriendly.

I have less than positive thoughts about 2 of the things on that list.


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And cotton candy

You hate cats and cotton candy?

I’m not dan.

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This guy?


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neutral about former, dislike latter.

I think everyone regardless of gender or sexuality or we like boobs

You hate good?

Not sure I’m up for another round…maybe. But a question: what’s the though behind the “if no town roses, mafia win” rule? Just to prevent everyone from arming themselves to the teeth and N1 being a cross-fire bloodbath?