Guns and Roses, 11p, Friendly

Created by @FakeGod

  • 9 Town players vs 2 Mafia players
  • N0 All players must secretly pick either a gun or a rose.
  • All players must also secretly pick a night.
  • One player is lynched during the day as per usual, and one player is killed by the mafia during the night as per usual.
  • A player who picked a gun is a 1-shot vigilante during his/her chosen night.
  • A player who picked a rose is immune to night kills during his/her chosen night.
  • Upon death, it will be revealed whether the dead player picked a rose or a gun.
  • Number of remaining Town-aligned rose players will be announced at the beginning of each day.
  • If there are no remaining Town-aligned player who picked a rose, Mafia immediately wins the game, regardless of whether there are any living Mafia members in the game.

Mafia have daytalk for the whole game including N0.
Majority instantly ends day, Mafia chooses who wins ties at deadline.
72 hour days, 24 hour nights


He doesn’t know who am I

i was going to make a celebration themed game for your bday and your graduation but couldn’t think of how


Replace roses with booty

Omg thats so kind of you haha thanks

There is no need but thanks

If someone who DOESN’T WANT TO PLAY, is willing to host that’d be great because this setup sounds sick.


ill host

don’t you have sodope to deal with

and 60 role pms

thats not filling anytime soon

inb4 town insta loses because everyone picks vig lmao

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In, didn’t read. Will later.

i can see it on this site :pensive:

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Players pick after they receive alignments?

They better


I’ll duel you to the death if you don’t choose night 1 rose LMAO

ESPECIALLY after getting double-shot night 1 in 6d6