Grey Flag Nightless

There will be 6 town and 3 mafia in this game.

This game will be nightless.

After the first mafia dies, they get to make a vengeful shot, killing a town player of their choice. Thread will remain locked until the shot is made.

This game employs the white flag mechanic—town wins by killing any two of the three mafia. The mafia win by reaching parity.

Mafia have 24/7 chat.

Days will be 48 hours long. Single voting, with majority hammer in effect. Plurality at EOD. Mafia decide ties.

Sample role PM:

You’re town. You win by killing any two mafia. Your boat is [boat]

Role PMs are out, game will start later today.

D1 ends by 2020-08-29T22:00:00Z or with a hammer (5 votes)


VOTE: Name

Votecount as of post #5

Not Voting (9): Ellibereth, BananaCucho, sabie12, JakeTheWolfie, Srceenplay, ErikaFurudo, naz, DoggoPlays, Andresvmb

Please only make valid votes, thanks!

I’m a boat
He’s a boat
She’s a boat
We’re all boats, hey

6vs3 is scum sided, right?

Yeah, but it’ nightless, so no pesky mafia murder.

They do get to kill one of us though when we catch the first one. At the same time we only have to kill 2 rather than all 3 to win.

Still if we start with a miss it’s lylo, right?

No, we have 2 misses before exlo.

I say we yolo and kill a newb person. One less distraction to sorting the regulars.

3to6 is like a 50/50 chance

I like this idea
VOTE: Srceenplay

I’m not in the newb pile. I’m in the easy sorting pile

It is surprisingly easy to sort players who have died.

Not when it’s flipless

Luckily it isn’t flipless.