Grey flag nightless 9p signups

This will be a normal game (an actual normal game!), will roll with however many /ins I get past 8. Setup will have no more than 3-4 relatively low power roles, with no weird shenanigans or modifiers. The flavor will be boats, cause boats are cool.

Can we all be boats

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i don’t believe u

Normal as in, not like the last one righT?

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Can I be the titanic?

The last one was normal, you mundane normaler.

No it’ll be actually normal! Not meme normal

@naz @BananaCucho this one will be actually normal, I promise!

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Tentative in…banana and I are both in a game on our homesite! Day 2 starting in like 3 hours



i wold play but u broke my trust and now u need to be punished!!!1!!


I’m sorry bb plz forgive

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What will deadlines be?

48/24 most likely, with a hammer

If it’s bigger I might use 72/24 for the first day or two

Any idea when you’re planning on starting roughly/how many ins would you need for the deadlines to start at 72?

At least 2 more /ins but I’ll probably give it until Sunday or Monday at least

If there’s preference for 72/24 I can run that instead with it going to 48 at 5 alive or something like that

If you don’t join, I will *never join another Urist game.

I’m on vacation this week, but I can sign up to keep 451’s reputation for flaking alive