Green Mafia

Everyone in this game will be a shade of green. This is purely flavor and unrelated to any role(s).

Days are ~48 hours, nights will be however long it takes to get actions in and adjudicated (i.e., there may be fast nights). One vote per person. Hammers at majority, talking allowed as normal until I close the thread.

Sample VT Role PM:

You’re VT. Your color is [Shade Of Green]. You win by killing the mafia.

Reminder of our rules On excessive AtE

And what the friendly tag means: Friendly Game Tag (basically means don’t be a dick)

Role PMs have been sent. D1 will start at approximately 2020-09-09T20:00:00Z

D1 ends at 2020-09-11T20:00:00Z, hammer is 4, go go go


Hello everyone! I was invited to this site to meme with my Dear friend Nanner man so that’s what I’ll do ! Fluffy pillow time! :smiley:


Oh wow this website feels fancy so far :3rd_place_medal:

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Ah shit here we go again


fap fap fap fap fap



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VOTE: Andresvmb

Wait how do you quote post here?

Feels strange.

Definitely like the UI so far :smiley:

Feels more Forumey

VOTE: Andrewsvmb

Gonna sheep my frand uwu

Tbh, I don’t know how to quote. Sometimes I click the button and it just happens. But most of the time not

Is there a way to see who’s viewing the thread or no?


Face me

No clue!

Also @Nanook wtf

You have a really sick sense of humor, making me masons with naz a third time in a row

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Whelp I’ll keep clicking reply til the cows come home!

This site has it’s own build in Preview you can just view as you type a message It’s super surreal

At this rate we are going to double last game’s post count before dinner

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