Grand Idea Mafia

Town Consecutive Honorary Loyal Vigilante

Originally created by BBmolla

In this topic: The role list for Grand Idea Mafia. Post a role to be included at the top of your post. This can be anything, a normal thing like a Cop or a weird thing like a Compulsive Firebreathing Serial Killer Jester. For Grand Idea Mafia, a person simply takes this thread, and randomizes between 1 - last post number. They then become the role at the top of that post.

If you want to post in this thread something that isn’t a crazy role (commenting on a role or something), at least put Vanilla Town at the top of your post. I mean we’ll need some of those anyways.

And go

Vanilla Townie
i don’t tho

Town Ascetic Miller

Town Cop

Mafia 2-Shot Roleblocker

Mafia Goon

Mafia Treestump

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Town treestump

Vanilla townie

Town Reflexive CPR Doctor

Mafia Goon


Town 1-shot weak neighborizer

Town Vigilante

Town 3-Shot PGO

Mafia Vigilante

Mafia Doctor

Town Elite Bodyguard

Mafia Watcher

Town Fruit Vendor