Grand Idea, FoL style (Canned)

Have you ever thought that balance is unimportant? Do you want a game where even the most ridiculous idea might be a reality? Then Grand Idea is the game for you! With over 500 unique* roles, you even get neat features, including:

  • Conversion!
  • Jesters!
  • Contradictory roles!
  • And more!

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*roles are not guaranteed to be unique

General Setup:

Player Amount: Inf+
Day Lengths: 3 Days
Night Length: 1 Day
Lynch Type: Majority + Plurality

The Grand Idea Rolelist can be found here, on the Forum of Lies.
Balance with how many Town vs Scum vs Neutral Killers + Neutrals will be considered.

why do I do this to myself


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Great choice Chemist! However, I would like you to also press the /in button on the post itself, for the sake of myself.

that’s a thing?

wow technology really has come far


Why fol Grand idea…

Well you followed me once before Mr. Riboflavin

Also this site’s Grand Idea Thread is… severely lacking.

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Ik :(((

B is for :b:ump