Generic Superhero Mafia II: Bigger and Gaudier 7/7 and maybe then some

The screen opens black, slowly fading into a desert mountain setting. The smoldering corpses of two former heroes lay discarded on the floor. Suddenly, a green ooze starts to hissingly slide across the floor slowly, and in a weakened, rasping voice, declares ominously “The Infected will not be held down…”


A big city comes into focus. The camera follows a bird on its path through the city, ditching it as it reaches a great, gaudy tower set smack in the middle of the bustling metropolis. Inside, two new additions to the League of Heroes are being initiated, eagerly shaking the hands of their new brothers and sisters.


slowly fade in to a darkened bedroom. The silhouette of an ear is all that is visible. A tiny green ooze seeps into the waiting ear. A scream rings out, then is abruptly cut off


The heroes gather around the next morning. A vaguely feminine computerized voice chimes in, announcing “It appears that during the night, The Infected have made their return.”

The returning heroes look at each other in stark dread as the newer heroes audibly gasp, having heard the horror stories of The Infection’s previous infiltration of The League.

FADE TO BLACK as ominous VO intones "Who will live? Who will die? One thing is sure. NOTHING will ever be the same again."

Coming to theaters the [strikethrough]November, following American Thanksgiving (the real one, in other words)[/strikethrough] first week of December. Setup is in the spoilers, highly recommend reading between now and game start, it’ll be a very confusing game for you if you don’t.

Setup nitty gritty

Generic Superhero Mafia II

Generic Superheroes:

Grim and Mysterious Figure

Sneaky AF —cannot be tracked at night, including by the AWCP.

Detective AF —can discern one of their targets abilities through use of incredible sleuthing abilities. (equal to a rolecop)

Warrior Woman

Deflection Reflection —can deflect any powers used on her back towards the player targeting her (50% chance they deflect and nothing happens, 50% chance they reflect and affect the player targeting WW) (example: rolecop that targets WW and is reflected, would receive knowledge of their own abilities back as a result). Applies to both abilities and a normal NK, but does NOT apply to License to Ill.

Indomitable Sense of Right and Wrong —cannot be scum at start of game (may still become infected).

Formerly Trusty Sidekick

Resentful Face —you’re so resentful of your former mentor, the Alien With Convenient Powers, that you refuse to vote with them on odd numbered days! If you try to vote with them, your vote won’t be counted. If your mentor is dead, your vote will be your own.

Strong Sense of Independence —you’re just so totally used to being on your own and doing things by yourself, the first time you’re executed you won’t let it stop you, and you’ll survive to keep fighting.

Alien With Convenient Powers

Can’t Touch This —you can “phase” yourself, making you impervious to any normal NK or vig shot. Note that you can only use one of your abilities per night.

Telepathy —you can read minds! Sorta kinda, some of the time, when it’s convenient to the plot. During the night, you can read the mind of the player with the most votes the previous day that is still alive, and determine their intended target for that night (example: Player A received the second most votes D1, and the leading vote getter on D1 is dead. During N1, you may use Telepathy to see who Player A targeted during N1, if anyone). This role is essentially a limited tracker. Note that you can only use one of your abilities per night.

Gritty TV Adaptation

Willing to kill —being on TV instead of in a movie means that you don’t share your big screen counterpart’s compunctions about taking life, and will stop at nothing to take down the bad guys, including very clearly shooting them in the heart after vowing not to kill anymore, but that’s OK because you only kill henchmen, never the named antagonists (I’m looking at you, Ollie). You can only do this once, then your deeply manipulative significant other will reprimand you and you’ll remember that you’re supposed to be setting an example for your son. (This role is equal to a one-shot vig)

Gradually Increasing Stakes —due to your being on TV, the stakes are constantly rising, and characters are constantly saying things like “this changes everything!” to really drive the point home. This has led you to be comfortable in do or die conditions, meaning that you count for two towards your teams Win Condition (example: two scum and two town alive, with GTVA as one of the town, means that the game continues rather than ending in a scum victory).

Robot man

System Restart —you can restart your systems, removing yourself from the game for a day (order to do so must be submitted the prior night or within 24 hours of the day starting). You won’t be able to vote or be voted for, and you won’t count towards your teams win condition (so if a lone scum does this, they will lose immediately). Additionally, any posts you want to make must be submitted to the GM, who will then post them, they must be under 150 words, and you’ll be limited to two posts per 24 hour cycle (don’t question the logic, cause it’ll never be adequately explained).

Innovator —You’re constantly observing your compatriots and learning from them. As such, at night you can attempt to copy an ability! The downside is, you’re not really sure what it’ll do until you see it in action. And since you’re so resourceful, even if you’re blocked during the night you’ll still be able to creatively find a way around it to create your new ability! (Notes: after using Innovator, it will be replaced by whatever your newly gained ability is, and that new ability will be blockable as normal. Your new ability will be public knowledge at the start of the first day you possess it. When activating Innovator, you’ll choose three abilities and a secret sauce recipe will present you with a new ability (note that it’s not guaranteed it’ll be a straight carbon copy of whatever you choose to try and emulate).

Cosmic Police

Force Field —During the night, you can erect a force field around someone, preventing anything from getting into them. Unfortunately, this also means that they can’t get out of the force field, and won’t be able to use any ability that night. Since this ability requires so very much concentration and energy, it can only be used once.

Powerful Beam of Light —During the day, you can incapacitate someone with your Powerful Beam of Light, which emits from either your hands or your Magical Science Ring, depending on which universe you’re in! Doing this will prevent them from voting that day. You’ll only be able to do this one time, due to the intense amount of concentration it takes.

Scum Stuff:

There will be one scum at the start of the game. They will assigned randomly to be any of the 6 characters (excluding WW), and they will have all the abilities that their character would have if town. In addition, they’ll have The Power of Surprise, and a License to Ill.

The Power of Surprise

Each night, each living scum may target one of a character’s abilities, rendering it useless that night. The same ability cannot be targeted by the same scum on consecutive nights (so if scum A targets the GTVA’s vig ability N1, scum A cannot block that ability on N2). If the ability targeted is a day ability, the block will take effect for the following day (example: if CP’s Powerful Beam of Light is blocked on N2, they wouldn’t be able to use it on D3). The only ability that may not be blocked is RM’s Innovator ability.

License to Ill

What time is it? It’s time to get ill. And what’s the time? It’s time to get ill. So what’s the time? It’s time to get ill. Now what’s the time? It’s time to get ill, ill, ill…

You can INFECT someone on any night, resulting in them becoming scum beginning the following day. So, for example, if Player A INFECTS Player B on N1, at the start of D2 Player B will no longer be a town player, and will now be a scum player. This power may be used on any night except N0, but it may only be used once.

Anticipated Questions

So…does the scum have a traditional factional kill?


How do executions work?

Executions are done via plurality vote, meaning that the player with the most votes at the end of the day is the one executed. A majority is not necessary, and a majority being reached does NOT end the day early.

Can the day be ended early?
Yes! If every player votes END DAY, the day will be called early, with only execution votes made up until the final END DAY counted. If you wish to rescind your end day vote, you can vote KEEP PLAYING. I will also accept CANCEL THE SEASON and RENEW THE SEASON or similar, as long as it’s clear and formatted as a vote.

Anything else important?
Of course! This is a smalltown game, meaning that which role is assigned to which player is public knowledge at the start of the game.

Prods will be regular, but choosing not to post is an acceptable option, provided that you are responding to the GM promptly and not ghosting. GM reserves the right to replace any player he deems to have an unacceptable activity level (I tend towards leniency, relax), to be playing against their wincon, or to be detrimental to the game (don’t be a dick rules, basically—I also tend towards leniency here, just don’t get too personal with insults and you should be fine).

Spandexed and capeless:
DS y
Srceenplay y
Andresvmb y
Urist probably y
Metal Sonic y
Mantis maybe y
Erika Furudo

i dont need details


This is the kind of attitude that will rake in millions in sweet sweet blockbuster money.

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OP updated with setup details. If you see a way to break it, speak up! I don’t think it’s easily broken, but I’ve also been up for quite some time, so anything is possible.


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