Gay Mafia interest

Show of hands if you’d be interested. I’m not sure what kind of setup I want or what I’ll shove into it, but its going to be more hectic than Webcomic mafia. To that end I’m going to need a decent amount of design space which means I’m aiming for 16+ players



Shove into it

Do an in thread so ppl can show


Maybe tag the ppl from webcomic?

How would the flavor work

a bunch of famous gay ppl?

Not necessarily famous. Also unsure if I’ll let people choose a character or not or have partial choice. Definitely going to be a lot of gay.


I want to be either NPH or Andy Cohen

this is like a pretty far in the future thing yeah? Like 1, 2 months.
Probably good to make it clear /inning isn’t a binding commitment for this.

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maybe I should add an /in button to the request subforum
why didn’t likes suffice?

Like farming is bad mmmkayyy

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Isn’t this basically the same concept as Be Yourself Mafia?


if you’re gay it could be

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but otherwise rolemadness anything goes but I will attempt to balance

Everyone’s flavor is to be hidden in the closet, if anyone comes out they are auto lynched?

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How will this differ from the 12 player setup?

Maybe it will be exactly the same with public displays of gay love and affection

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even straight pda is gross but I’d play the game prolly if you’re hosting.