[Game Thread] Mafia Legacy 2 - (The Mafia Wins!)

General Information:

Player Amount: 5
Day Length: 3 Days Period
Night Length: Nightless
Lynch Type: Plurality (Random if a tie, day ends when all players vote.)


This is Game 2 of a preferably infinite string of Episodic Mafia Game.
In this game, the game will start in the Day phase.
Whichever players win will decide on one change for the next Setup. I will be the ultimate authority on whether or not it will be added.

Do take note: Plurality IS in effect. However, it is possible to “hammer”, if every player votes. In the case of my not being immediately on, you may twilight post.



3 Vengeful Town
1 Chaotic Mafia
1 D1 Loser Mafia

Sample Role PMs:

Vengeful Town
Chaotic Mafia
D1 Loser Mafia

Roles will roll in ~1 Hour. We’ll start when 3/5 of the players confirm their role.

Roles have been rolled. Please confirm in your role PM that you know what you are. We can start once 3/5ths of you confirm.


Pre-Game Flavor, then game will open.

Many years passed. Nanook and Drifter both took pity on Seth’s one child. It wasn’t his fault that his parent was evil. Two people moved into the town during this time. Andres from the South, and a Kid from the North…

Over the past month, farm animals have gone missing. The town was in a fritz. Were the mafia terrorizing them? Should Nanook and Drifter have submitted to the order of the Mafia?
Yesterday, suspicious items were found inside the poor investigator’s old house. In fact, these must have been markings of something greater… something bigger. A pentagram scrawled across the floor, melted candles on each point. The head of a missing sheep was later found after investigating. The mafia wouldn’t do this. No, these are the markings of a Cult.


Day 1 has begun! It shall end at 2020-02-01T20:20:00Z, or when all players have voted.

Just a flavor cult or rage

If I win im adding a real cult

Cult is this game’s flavor.

I also don’t understand what the big deal with pentagrams are tbh they’re pretty rad

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If you win my fictional bloodline is gonna die out

If you have any further questions or concerns, please ask them in your role PM.


Hello fellow town

NAI Massping. Come play!


Wow guess this is solved

Ez gg nxt

Alright, how do we do this? I’m Town btw :slight_smile: