[Game Thread] Mafia Legacy 1 (The town wins!)

General Information:

Player Amount: 3
Day Length: 3 Days Period
Night Length: 1 Day Period
Lynch Type: Plurality (Random if a tie)


This is Game 1 of a preferably infinite string of Episodic Mafia Game.
In this game, the game will start in the Day phase.
Whichever players win will decide on one change for the next Setup. I will be the ultimate authority on whether or not it will be added.



2 Vanilla Town
1 Vanilla Mafia

Sample Role PMs:

Vanilla Town
Vanilla Mafia

State of the Pre-Game: Sending out Role PMs. The Game will start when everyone has messaged me in their role PM.

State of the Pre-Game:

@Seththeking, @Drifter, & @Nanook all role PMs have been sent out. Please reply to them to confirm that you know what you are.

State of the Pre-Game:

Day 1 has started! Come and play



lol i almost accidentally replied not realizing it was still closed

Hello hi heyo

Just so it’s clear I will be treating this as an exercise in snap reads and voting sometime tonight

Also, some Flavor that I forgot to post:

The town’s investigator, Jake Daker, was laying on his porch with a rose over his chest. There was a note as well: “Surrender to us or else.
Upon discovering this, two of them were hysterical. Who had done this? Why had they done this? The third one realized that they wouldn’t surrender, but instead hunt the other two to find the truth…

Someone would die today.

Who should I vote, drifter?

ig if you’re town then seth, but i’d like to see seth post first

Do you think I’m town

i’m going to be honest i have no idea rn

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IF you think I’m town, AND you wanna win with me, c’mon baby let me know

Fair nuff

see now that makes me feel like you aren’t town

I’ve only played with you once I think but my snap read is you’re 70% town so

Just waiting a courteous amount of time for seth to post

Not a rod stewart fan?