Game of Fun

This game won’t be until after my Vigilant game.

Game of Fun

Each player who signs up also gives a generic role
(Ex. Cop, TreeStump, Doctor, Roleblocker, Vigilante, Watcher, ETC)

Then the alignments will be randomized to make a balanced Town V mafia depending on how many people sign up

Should I post a role here?

For those who signed up please post a role below.

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Can it be a role that I make up (that doesn’t have a definite faction)

Post it here and I’ll tell you either “Yes it’s allowed” or “No, pick something else”


Each night, you may target a player to attempt a heal on them. If they were not attacked, you will attack them instead.
If you are a Mafia Member and kill someone, that will count as the Factional kill.

I think I’ll remove the second part.
I might Just make it a 3 shot maybe.
During the Setup I’ll make (Shot Limits) so there is no need for the second part.
(And Yes, there are roles that have unlimited shots.)

I need a role from you.

The second part was mainly to stop the mafia from being too powerful


Incorruptible BP Mason Strongman Vig

Tfw it rands Mafia

1 Role Please.

That is one role

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It’s clearly one role

I would like

Nk immune Miller vig

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1 Generic.


Ok ok ok

Immortal Samurai (think unkillable vig basically) Mason

One that isn’t OP.

Ascetic Miller mason strongman vig