FRC M20 Mafia Chat

Welcome to the Mafia.

@Squirrel2412 is the Mafia Bodyguard for @EricH.

@EricH is the Mafia Doctor.

You win when the number of Mafia is equal to or greater than the number of Town.

You may confirm your role cards here.

This should be fun…

Darth Squirrel, and The Doctor.


Oh boy

This should be good

Thoughts on if I should claim bodyguard?


Hold that thought

If bodyguard is always aligned with their target then I should claim it for a townie

Then if I die then they get the heat

The good news is that neither of our real roles is mafia-indicative.

Two questions for @gellnick:

  1. may be answered in initial post but is there a Traitor?
  2. if the Doctor heals and kills the same person, how many visits show up to someone watching? (Obviously the target lives.)

I can neither confirm or deny the existence of a Traitor. You may submit a guess for Traitor regardless if the Traitor exists.
From the OP:

Dammit. There went some of a confusion plan. Not worth risking exposing both of us to try that trick.

I got lovered with orange

we could do a ‘kill orange and heal’ play

might get you clear

Yeah, I’m leaning towards not. I don’t want to risk both of us getting spotted. Deal is that if Love, Orange, OR you dies before the start of D4, you die too–we get one Town, one 3rd party, one Mafia. I’m leaning towards letting Love win if we figure out who they are.

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Let’s see what we might be up against:
11 players
Mafia: 2 (Doctor, Bodyguard)
Love: 1 (No Faction)
Traitor: Unknown. We should try to guess.
Pseudojester: Unknown.

Orange: Town, Traitor, Pseudojester (can’t be Love, can’t be Mafia), unknown special.
All others unknown.

Faction strength 10. I wouldn’t go much higher than 12 to guess at town specials.

Available Roles:
Town Alignment Cop, 10
Fruit Vendor, 1
Gunsmith, 6 OR Inventor, 8
Illusioner, 5
Innocent Child, 3
Jailkeeper, 5 OR JOAT, 5
Messenger, 7 OR Neighborizer, 7
Town Miller, 3 IFF AC in game. (I regard this as unlikely.)
Motion Detector, 3
Pardoner, 4
Time, 9
Role Cop, 8
Tracker, 6

Arsonist: Traitor only, 5
Death: Traitor only, 2
Godfather: Traitor only, 6, IFF AC in game

I’d say there’s only going to be 3 town PRs. We may want to try to flush them but we’ve got to do it discreetly. If we need to declare roles, Town Doctor and Town Bodyguard (pick your townie here). Need to watch out for tracker, watcher, JOAT using tracking–figure one out they’re down.

I’m probably going to want to put a heal on someone early to establish a trail.

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if we do end up claiming true roles that puts the ‘town’ strength at 20 (10 from us, 10 from the actual townies)

which would indicate scum having a strength of 20, which would imply the existence of some pretty strong scum roles to make up for it

most of the scum 6+ strength roles aren’t easily verifiable (watcher, tracker, rolecop, godfather are all virtually impossible to hard confirm the existence of), though some are (gunsmith, inventor, messenger, neighborizer, roleblocker)

the absence of the verifiable roles might cause some suspicion, though hopefully town doesn’t think about that too hard

finding love is gonna pry painful, but the fact that they chose me and orange indicates that they either don’t know how their role works or don’t know that me and orange have an extremely poor track record for surviving n1

Yeah, true. Too much of a gamble to claim the weaker roles, though–they’re more likely to be used in a close situation.

If we can identify and eliminate the watchers/JOAT then firing a kill/heal combo makes a lot of sense.

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We’re going to go for the save anyways.

Let’s see if we can flush a traitor out, too. There’s a 50-50 of one existing.

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also, unrelated

I’m thinking that I might deliberately play this game acting like I have tmi on a specific person (since town bg would have that tmi)

but we’ll see

I might just play normally and then if someone points out that I have tmi I’ll use that as my excuse

claimed bg on cheese in lover chat to orange

Let’s see if he falls for it.