FRC M20 Lover's Chat

Welcome to the Lovers’ Chat!

You two have been linked by Love. Feel free to chat at any time in this chat.
Note: This is not a Role DM, so any actions you may have may not be submitted here.
Please ask questions in your separate Role DMs.

OrangeSquirrel is gonna be good fun

oh no

we’re gonna die so fast

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bro you chose this pairing not me


no I didn’t

there’s a 3rd player that chooses I’m pry sure

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you didn’t?

I assumed your role was Love since mine was not

are you for fucking real

who’s that suicidal

oh my gosh reading it again I think your interpretation makes sense

who would do that???

someone who doesn’t understand how their role works smh

or who doesn’t know that we’re probably the most likely n1 kill targets lol

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Genuinely think this is likely

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oh yeah whats your role


which kinda sucks tbh

speaking of which

cheese is clear

Honestly just noaction if you’re BG lmao

It’s not an action


It’s not a standard bg

I have a target and if they would die I die instead

oh is the target cheese

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also come to think of it I think it might be ideal to pretend to wagon one of us and see which of our likely lover candidates objects lol