Forging of the Rings - Lover Chat

Hey guys, feel free to chat here at any time.
You know that you are both Loyal Eldar.

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Hey my beloved.

@Urist does ring corruption make us no longer lovers?


Got any rings?

I have 2 and they’re both scummy af


If you use a ring at night can you then exchange at dawn?

And on 1st ring use exactly what and when is the scumteam told?

The interaction is a little strange. Your passive will be disabled for that night and the following day. This means that you won’t be able to chat for the following day, and if your partner dies on that night/day, you will continue to live. However, if you are not able to take a second point in Ring-corruption on the following night, you will die at the end of the day.

For example, on night two Key takes her second point of Ring-corruption and chesskid is killed. Since her passive is disabled, she continues to live. Unfortunately, Key hasn’t used any Rings other than the one she used on n1 and n2, so she dies at the end of d3.
If Key had used two Rings on n2, one of them for the second time and the other for the first, she would then be able to use her other Ring for the second time, prolonging the disable of her passive and continuing to live.

Note that this only disables one half of the lover pair. If Key were to die on the night she took a second point of Ring-corruption, chesskid would still die unless he also took a second point.

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Half of the answers to my Qs are in the OP so I read that

Still wanna know what scum get told and when

Yup, using the Ring does not prevent you from giving it away. However, there is no Dawn phase. In other words, if you decide to give your Ring away, you must decide who you’re giving the Ring to at the same time that you use it.

That’s cool about stacking 2nd uses…

I have 2 rings key hbu

We’re confirmed town to each other and no alignment changing so we might as well full claim ya?

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They are told “chesskid3 used <ring name>” at the same time that other investigations would resolve, i.e. start of the day.

Does it count as an investigation? Or is them being told unstoppable?

Do they have a list of all the rings and what they do?

Mechanically, I’m treating it as Sauron’s passive investigative ability. So it’s unblockable, but if you are immune to investigations you are immune to this ability as well.

The agents of Sauron have a list of the Rings in the game, but they do not know what they do.

Gonna update the OP with this info, good questions.

So if I use my ring that gives that to a player (possibly myself) and they use like 10 other rings that night scum domt know any of the 11?

Correct. Although if you were to make another player action-immune, they would still be told that you used your Ring.

Yaya but that’s them not the SCUMMERDUMBERS

Oh I misread yeah ofc gotcha

So now the trick is to get and use all 19 rings

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