Fool/Jester Discussion Thread

The Fool/Jester is a neutral role that must see itself lynched publicly in order to win. Other variations include all other roles (except for others neutrals who have achieved their winning condition) to lose, ending the game prematurely, or killing another player.

What are your opinions on this role? Is it a bastard role, or is it fit to be played in more normalized games?
I want to hear your opinion.

It already exists.
Your about 10 years too late.
Maybe even 20.

Jesters are fun especially when they’re game ending and nobody knows they’re in the setup

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I know that. That was just preamble for people who didn’t.

How does a Jester reach it’s winning condition? As in, what actions does it need to take.

Annoy everyone

Wouldn’t that be a dead giveaway that you are the fool, and cause people to just ignore you?

Only if they’re expecting one!

So now you have unnecessary Wifom. Why is that a good thing?

I love wine

Even more when it’s my wine

Jesters are trash and belong in the trash bin

What’s stopping someone from claiming to be a Jester, even after the host guarenteed there were no jesters? After all, that would be the bigger question. Would the host lie about there not being any jesters?

And once you start meddling with the core game, it’s no longer about town vs Mafia, because the host could’ve secretly made the wincon for the mafia to be to have themselves all dead by the end, and you have no real evidence for or against that other than good faith that the host wouldn’t. Bust what if they did, just this one time?

That’s when you use the best quote here on Mafia 451.
NotMafia’s Favourite Quote.

Come on @chesskid3
You know the Quote!

What’s the quote?