Fog of War 8p

8 players: 6 town and 2 mafia


5 VT

1 Combat Medic

2 Vengeful Mafia

Only one power used per game—explanation below roles.

Combat Medic:

You are the Combat Medic. In the night, you will he told who the mafia have targeted for the NK, and may choose to save them or let them die. When you die, you may choose a player to kill.

Vengeful Mafia:

You are Vengeful Mafia. When you die, you may kill another player.

Between the CM and the Mafia, only one power will be used—as soon as one uses a power, all three become vanilla. Examples:

D1 a VT is killed. The Combat Medic saves a VT N1. From D2 onwards the Combat Medic is a VT, and the Mafia are normal goons.

D1 a mafia dies. They shoot a VT. N1 onwards the Combat Medic is a VT and the other mafia is a goon.

Roles and alignments both do not flip this game.

Days will be 48 hours, nights 24. Vengeful shots will be required to be pre-submitted to avoid holding the game up.

If you guys don’t like flipless I can also run kids with guns or marked for death, idc