Exploratory - Chess Mafia

Hello dickwads.

I want to make a highly experimental setup where it’s sort of mafia in that there will be an uniformed majority and an informed minority.

However there might not even be lynches, and the “gamestate” will advance through the lens of a chessgame with moves influenced by votes and actions. Not all town will have the same wincon, or potentially even the same wincondition at all, however they will be roughly aligned and will all lose if the scum wincondition is achieved.

There will be some understanding of the rules of chess and possibly tactical themes required, but it should be understandable to ELO of 1200+, and I am happy to also source you some online chess engines for use in thinking.

Before i design something of that nature - who would be interested?

No need for sources. I can use stockfish

Hmmm 5 isn’t enough

Is chess mostly like checkers?

I think it’s too vague to be attractive to people who don’t play semi seriously already.

also this number might look high yeah?

Y EA ah but if its lower there will be much GTing

Honestly I probably don’t meet the requirements. I know the tower moves diagonally, the horsies move forward and backwards and the castles move pretty much however they want, but that’s it… After that how to play is a bit of a mystery.

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maybe elab on how the setup would work a little more and we can invite some of the other chess+mafia ppl from other places.

I just honestly have no idea what my ELO level is bro

Fuck it I’m in I’ll look up an elo test

Keyboard rank

Ah yeah bro I type hella fast

is there any way to import a chess board as a graphic here, to keep track of pieces and positions?

something like this is the best we can do:

Hahahahahaha that???

I will put up a more detailed explanation soon

yeah cool everything works

Make study on lichess -> click on share -> copy iframe stuff under embed -> paste

in theory only need to post it once since stuff syncs on refresh

can also embed game analysis and some other stuff: https://lichess.org/developers

Haven’t forgotten have just been busy!