Experimental Voting in 6v2 Nightless

I have not really thought over if there’s a breaking/degen strategy. This is an experiment that’s an extension of ranked.

2 Mafia Goons - NO PRIVATE COMS
6 Town Vanillas

No nights.

How voting will work:

Game operates in 24 hour phases. For simplicity they’ll be from noon to noon EST.

At any point in each phase players may privately submit/update a post of the form (assuming 8 players alive):

Player 1: Mafia
Player 2: Town
Player 3: Town
Player 4: Mafia
Player 5: Town
Player 6: Mafia
Player 7: Town
Player 8: Mafia

After each cycle votes are compiled and are revealed to all, if one player has a majority of players calling them mafia they instantly die. If 2 phases pass with no majority, in the next phase all players who have the most votes die.

Traditional votes in topic are meaningless.


Beyond the classical win/loss town will be rated relative to teach other based on how they performed on the voting ballots. Identifying Mafia correctly gets you the most points, followed by identifying town correctly while identifying town incorrectly loses you more points than identifying mafia incorrectly. Exact values adjusted based on probabilities for a given day.

Mafia wins scorched earth.

Assuming mafia loses and this were rated mafia would lose less points the later they lose so try to play with that assumption.

What happens if more than one person has a majority of people calling them mafia?

I see zero incentive to actually post

all die.

Number of town votes on will still be a tiebreaker.
Don’t see how there’s less or more incentive to post than normal.

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This is confusing

What’s confusing? Update who you think is town and mafia whenever. Shit resolves every 24 hours. No maj for two days in a row means plurality happens. That’s it.

No no trying to find a degen strategy is confusing

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Isn’t that good.

it’s not hard. i already have mine locked & loaded

calling everyone town every time doesn’t work

why not

you lose to anyone better than rand and you lose to the mafia team.


Your 2 incorrect reads counterbalance the 6 correct.

I mean so mafia just always calls the reverse of reality yeah?

kinda lame to be mafia in this setup

in any setup tbh

well that’s outing yeah.

btw (not totally relevant here) but rating stuff will be of the form:

If town wins: 1 goes up x, 2 goes up y, 3 goes up z, Mafia team goes down w depending on time of last death.

If mafia wins: Mafia team goes up x, best town goes up y, next best town breaks even…etc.

Gain/loss thresholds can be adjusted but I think that’ll be sufficiently motivating for town to want the game win on top of the relative win.