"Everyone is Mafia Mafia" Signups

Alright this is actually happening! So first off, those of you who have /inned already: I need you to send me (in private, here or Discord works) a character you want your role based around as well as an alias. If you have any questions let me know. I’ll aim for beginning this game in two weeks, which gives y’all one more week to sign up. I’m going to update the OP with the actual rules so you know what you’re signing up for.

Let’s goooo

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Let’s get LIT!!!

Will the game be held on Discord?


I could host on Discord if there was enough demand. I’ll leave that up to y’all to discuss actually. This site is a lot better than MAL was for hosting games…

I would prefer here, but I won’t object to heavily to Discord to be honest.

Alright! The game is… pretty small. I know I said I needed at least about 12 people to play, but after crunching some numbers, I think I can actually make a game with 9 players work. It just won’t last very long, which is fine. So… I’ll go ahead and close signups and the game will officially start on October 15th!

Also yeah, we’re going to host right here on 451.

Without any further ado, here’s the official playerlist!

Players (9):

Why am I not there

Oh there is an in button now, f



@SullyMcGully Let Dusk and Tacc in!

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Thank you hannah very cool

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Already did. I’ll make an official announcement later.


Alright everyone! 4 announcements:

Gtacc and Duskfall98 have joined the game.

Nuxl and BruceDaGod have left the game.

Due to another EiMM starting on this exact same day in a different community, I am delaying this game by one day. It will start at 9:00 PM EST tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th.

Due to the small number of players in this game, it will only have 2 winners instead of 3.

I’ll see you all tomorrow. Some of your Role PMs might get sent out ahead of time. Don’t talk until the game officially starts!


Sorry guys. I had to work late. I’m instituting a 2 hour delay. Game will start at 11:00 PM EST.

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