DS' Closed Setup - Signups

Gonna run a closed setup - non bastard (no recruiting either) - 48 hr days, 24 hour nights - for however many we end up with during sign ups.

I’d join but I know hell give me a shit role to spite me so I’ll pass

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And to think I was going to make you day astronaut

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I’m going to be on semi-vacation for a week and a half but I’ll /in for this /ping ppl to in for this afterwards. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s time to stop acting like I am busy with my study 7/24

in in in

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If we can get nine that would be cool, at 5 rn

Nobody wants to play this or what?

Apparently not



I know you want to play :smiley:

I cant play now cause I sort if back myself into a hole with this comment.

Who do you think I am, Spin?

I’ll figure a small setup for whatever amount I end up with after today

Ugh sorry, my work surprised me with telling me I have to prepare for a business trip to LA. Set this back a couple days. I’ll get it up and started mid Saturday if no one objects to a weekend start?

Where is that JohnnyDollar dude and why is he not /in? Isn’t he from the Tier/Mittens/DS group?


Johnny motherfuckin dollar

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This game should not start without him, it wouldn’t be right.

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The Tier/mittens/ds group is known as FFA and I screenshotted what y’all said and sent it to him, so we’ll see.

Game starts tomorrow afternoon

I’m in fools. Also DS, when are you coming to LA?