Dragon Hunters (9/9)

This’ll be a rerun of a setup created by @FakeGod, it was previously run here: https://forum.mafiascum.net/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=74221

The Setup:

  • There are 7 Dragon Hunters (Town) vs 2 Traitors (Scum).
  • Every Day Phase, 1 player is selected to go fight the dragon through majority vote. (The chosen player “leaves” without being flipped).
  • Every Night Phase, Mafia kills one of the remaining players.
  • After 3 players have been chosen to go fight the dragon, if the 3 players were town, then town wins. If 2 out of 3 players were mafia, then mafia wins.
  • If 1 out of 3 players was mafia, then the remaining (nonchosen) players flip, and the game goes into LyLo between the 3 chosen players.

Deadlines will be 1 week days /2 day nights unless the people who are interesting in playing want something else. (Very open to making days longer for people to be able to post more leisurely - not for 7 more days of 1000 posts per day though!)


  1. NotMafia
  2. Riley Cake
  3. Metal Sonic
  4. Drugged Lulu
  5. parsec
  6. ActionDan
  7. impulse
  8. fferyllt
  9. Judge
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This game was really fun



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We’re actually going to hydra for this.








And then there was one!

go hammer elli

was this an /in?

no lol

edit: nm, give the slot to the other dude who wants to play!

nightmare material


oh good lord may I draw town :open_mouth: