Draft Vengeful Round 2 Game 1

Welcome to game 1 of draft vengeful! I am your mafia mod, Josh. @M2H is also a mod.

The playerlist for this game is

For this game, role PMs went out on discord because all 5 players actively use it.


3x Day 1 Vengeful Townies
1x Day 1 Vengeful Mafia Goon
1x Mafia Godfather

Here is how we did the draft. M2H drafted Town, I drafted Mafia. We did:
Then, M2H and I both privately decided who would be playing in game 1 and game 2. When we had both decided, we posted them simultaneously. After seeing the playerlist, I selected the Godfather.

This will be about a 72 hour day. Ties are resolved by mafia at deadline. Majority kills.

Good luck!


we can start posting right

first thing im noting is that the results of both games theoretically matter for the other but im not sure how that coincides with site policy

secondly i wonder if hannah and i are in the same game for a reason :crazy_face:

I’m practically confirmed town by format and by player-list.

@StarV and @GTacc can corroborate on the above.

This particular player list was put together this way to lower the likelihood I have hard tells players (2 from off site that I have less presumed data on, 1 that presumably posts the least and has a high likelihood of low activity regardless of alignment.)

the players per game were privately selected by each captain though, so im not exactly sure how you’re reaching this conclusion

it is to say, you should be making assumptions at best who you are town with and not as a whole assuming you are town

Josh has to bet on which game I’m playing in.

As a piece of background information if town skill level and scum skill level were from 0-10, I’d be (10, 0). Drafting was 100% done with that in mind.

yeah but this comes down to a 50-50 assuming im not illiterate right

Also it’s impossible for josh to reach 2 teams of unfamiliar scum-teams for me so he likely just had to compose one and bet it landed with me.

M2H fucked up with who came here with me though, that’s correct.

It’s evident he hit the 50/50 from the playerlist.

ftr idt josh has a high opinion of me as a player as either alignment based on some postgame comments, and im historically way better as town than scum if that matters

@Josh @M2H

btw the reason I didn’t design it this way and proposed it the way I did in the original topic is because the way proposed originally the games could run fairly independently while now they’re kinda intertwined.

Honestly I half want to make it so the game we’re not in isn’t visible to us until it’s over and vice versa.

That way we can comfortably talk about cross draft logic (on both sides) without interference.

it’s literally too late for that, but i wanted to stall out dl if possible for literally that result

it’s not too late

eh you’re right i forgot we can just poe out the PL anyway