Draft Vengeful round 1

Josh (town) vs StarV (mafia)


Bans (alphabetical):
GTacc, M2H

Final playerlist:
Andres, Chess, Elli, Clem, Urist

3 vts (vengeful on day 1)
1 mafia goon (godfather gets KP if lynched day 1)
1 mafia godfather (town wins if lynched day 1)

72 hour days, majority is in effect (somebody gets >50% of votes = day end), ties are broken by mafia at deadline.


With 5 alive, it takes 3 to lynch.

Day start.


@Josh i didn’t receive a role pm what alignment am i

@Josh how did this work, why are there two bans?

VOTE: Nanook
can’t wait for you to shoot me in the face again daddy :sweat_drops: :weary:

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yeah lmao how did they do two bans.

maybe better design than just having one person not get picked though

that said I semi-had the bans I so I would get banned LOL

wasn’t expecting the self start

Lol wait so the bans just cant play?

Seems rude idgi


yeah idk why starv wouldn’t ban you, seems like a mistake unless he really really wanted someone else that he felt would get first-picked if you weren’t in the picture

inb4 “like the best player on site”

Maybe it’s gonna be the meta defining game and they had a convo after video mafia

Well this is confusing.

Urist I’ll shoot you in the face any day bb

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I think it’s just correct to play out the day then Elli self hammers, right? Either he’s scum and dies, yippie, or he shoots his scumread.

you think scum ever picks me and town ever doesn’t not pick me hello

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nah star has 0 respect for elli’s scumgame, he’s always town here

my intention with the bans was literally because players with distributions like mine are just toxic

I think star is capable of picking you yeah

i think you need some more sleep

This is the way I’m thinking about it…I got picked town…so I’m gonna guess that at least one of chess/Elli is scum, possibly but probably not both.

Especially with easy to read gtacc and M2H banned, suggests Star is going for obscuring town I think?

Idk but I think it’s not unreasonable to think that Star would pick you to make sure you aren’t town. Defensive pick vs. offensive sort of.