Double Jeopardy Mafia

So this set up is pretty straight forward… There will be a double jeopardy round on a single day/night cycle. By default, the round happens on D1/N1… But there is nothing saying that that won’t change (roles…).

So… On a Double Jeopardy day/night cycle, following the lynch flip, there will immediately be another lynch. For this lynch, players may only vote (no additional text) AND they may only vote ONCE. So it’ll be a speed lynch immediately following the previous flip.

At night, the mafia team will get 2 factional kills instead of 1. This is in addition to any other abilities / roles that have been assigned during set up.

Remember, this is ONLY for the double jeopardy round… Whether we are in a double jeopardy round or not will only be announced after the lynch.


@Ellibereth LOOK! NEW TAG~

What determines the timing

Default is day 1

Come now, it’ll be fun.